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  • squid sisters

    Watch Splatoon’s Squid Sisters perform live in concert

    The Squid Sisters, the two hosts of Nintendo’s 2015 third-person shooter Splatoon, dazzled thousands of fans today with a live performance of songs from the game. Using a software called Vocaloid and hologram technology, the Squid Sisters put on a 25 minute set backed by a live band. If cute CGI pop stars aren’t your […] More

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    Destiny’s Valentine’s Day Event features a Hotline Bling Emote

    Yesterday Bungie revealed their new Valentine’s Day event, Crimson Days, which will run from Feb. 9–16. Crimson Days introduces a new PvP mode called Crimson Doubles that pairs two players together based off of a new “connection” algorithm and pits them against two other matched players. The week long event will introduce new quests, bounties, […] More

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    Interview with WoW Friendship Moose runner Zelse

    This May, St. Jude’s Children Hospital will be holding its third St. Jude Play Live event, and World of Warcraft streamer Zelse knows exactly what he’ll be streaming: 24 hours of Friendship Moose runs.   Previously an Alliance staff raid leader for OpenRaid, an online community for World of Warcraft players to organize cross-realm raids, […] More

  • The Witness Game of the Month
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    The Witness – January Game of the Month

    Welcome to the re-exploration of an idea we tried during Top Shelf Gaming’s infancy. Our game of the month series, while not a new concept, is unique in that the criteria for being selected is more than just being the “best” game released in a given 30 day period. The main considerations are how big […] More

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    Michael’s Mothballs – Dark Cloud

    Welcome to PlayStation 2 Heritage Night! Now that may not be a thing (I hope it is somewhere), but today’s mothball features a PS2 game available on PS4. Its sequel is also available on the PlayStation store! Today’s mothball is: Dark Cloud (PS2) Dark Cloud is a third person, action role-playing game released on May […] More

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    Blade & Soul Reaches 1 Million Players

    After its high success in Korea and China, NCSOFT announced in 2012 that Blade & Soul would come to the west. Four years later, on the morning of January 25, NCSOFT West, managing NCSOFT in North America, Europe, South America, New Zealand, and Australia, announced that its free-to-play MMORPG, Blade & Soul, broke one million […] More

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    How Nintendo Seduced Me: Pokemon 20th Anniversary

    I must commend Nintendo for their accomplishments. No matter the type of financial year they may be having, they always find a way to take my money. 2014 brought me a New Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. In 2015 I purchased a Nintendo 3DS XL just weeks before […] More

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    Star Wars: The Nostalgia Awakens

    Like many across the world, I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens the week it came out, and again a subsequent two additional times with family and friends.  Star Wars has a broad appeal.  It’s a space opera, not unlike Star Trek and Doctor Who, that have real, relatable characters dealing with real, relatable situations, […] More

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    Rise of Fallout, Fall of Tomb Raider

    The Holiday Season is always a big time for video games, with several of the AAA titles being released, including the yearly installments, as well as numerous amounts of third party and indie games. The biggest headliners for 2015 included Star Wars Battlefront, Metal Gear Solid V, and Fallout 4, the last of which believed […] More

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    Psychonauts 2 has been Funded

    The gaming community has spoken loud and clear. They want Psychonauts 2. In fact, over 21,000 people sent their undying support, and Double Fine was able to reach its goal of $3.3 million with four days to spare in their campaign. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t donate anymore, especially if you are a huge fan. […] More

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    A Boy and His Blob HD Release

    Back in 1989, trouble first began to brew in Blobolonia as A Boy and His Blob got its first release for the NES. Seven years ago, Majesco Games published a reimagining of the game, which warmed the hearts of Wii users with its creativity and simple beauty. Now, in just under 2 weeks, A Boy and His […] More

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    Oculus Rift’s Price Tag

    It’s official, Oculus has finally set a price tag and release date for the Oculus Rift. Priced at $599 (no periods were forgotten with this number), the Oculus Rift will begin to ship in March and will be available at select retailers by April. It is a pretty hefty price to pay, but Oculus sweetens the […] More

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