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    Nintendo Reveals Their First Mobile… Thing?

    Last night, Nintendo announced to the world that they would release their first mobile app in March of next year. While fans dreamed of Rupee Clicker or Kirby Crush Saga (please no one sue me for quadruple copyright infringement), Kimishima, in his first public appearance as the new president of Nintendo since Satoru Iwata’s passing, […] More

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    PlayStation Builds Hype at Paris Games

    Hello, everybody! Today is a great day to own a PlayStation 4! Wait…you don’t have one? Now’s the perfect time to grab yourself one because tons of new information have been released on all the new exclusive games coming to the PlayStation 4 system! Paris Games Week is currently being held, and oh my, the hype […] More

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    Where No Man’s Sky Has Gone Before

    Video game enthusiasts, mathematicians, artists, astronomers, and general geeks alike are abuzz over indie studio Hello Games’ much-anticipated title No Man’s Sky. The enormous game from the tiny developer has dominated conversations in the field through media like E3 conferences, IGN First’s game of the month in July, and more. Though certainly many of its […] More

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    Infinite Repeat: P.T. and its Imitators

    It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s surprise hit P.T has left a lasting impact on horror in gaming. Before the playable teaser for Silent Hills was taken down from the Playstation Network, it was downloaded by over one million people and was universally praised for its groundbreaking design. Now, it’s all […] More

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    Why You Should Own a Next-Gen Console

    Have you gone out and purchased yourself a shiny new PS4 or Xbox One yet? No? What are you waiting for!? The time is now for players who were waiting to purchase their PS4 or Xbox One to get their hands on a next-gen console so that they do not get left behind.  With the […] More

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    Zelda U’s World to Have “Surprise Twist”

    In a recent interview with IGN, Eiji Aonuma, the producer currently managing the Zelda series, hinted at some surprising elements that players may come across in Zelda U, the newest Zelda game in development for the Wii U, as one might be able to astutely infer by its title. In response to the backlash caused […] More

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    Go Catch ‘Em All at Real-Life Pokémon Gym

    It’s been nearly 20 years since Pokémon fans first aspired to catch ‘em all. From video games to TV shows and movies to trading cards and all other manners of merchandise, Pokémon has permeated all facets of popular culture. But starting this November 19th, fantasy and reality will collide in the franchise’s latest evolution: a […] More

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    The eSports Arena: A Gamer’s Haven

    As you walk in, you see epic blue and red lights illuminating either side of this impressive arena. There’s people to greet you and talk to you, and that’s when you see it: Right in front of you is a sea of 120 monster PC’s equipped with gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets. Immediately, you’re immersed […] More

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    Yikes! Paranormal Activity in Virtual Reality

    For fans of horror, I bear exciting news! A virtual reality video game based on the Paranormal Activity movies is coming to theaters as a free HTC Vive demo. The Vive is HTC’s virtual reality headset, and the cool thing is that they’re partnering with Steam to make it. Moviegoers will be able to play […] More

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