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    Watch Patton Oswalt’s body go from spherical to cubed in Minecraft: Story Mode

    London isn’t celebrating Independence Day today for obvious reasons. Instead, they have Minecon, a Minecraft convention that I should have been less surprised existed. The convention revealed Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series! This is a standalone title, not downloadable content for the core Minecraft experience. You can watch the trailer below. Patton Oswalt voices […] More

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    Allison Road picks up where P.T. left off

    There’s been some drama in Hideo Kojima’s life lately which has led to the cancellation of the greatly anticipated Silent Hills game. Fans have hungered for the survival horror game ever since P.T., the playable trailer for the game dropped last year. Now that Silent Hills is canned, only those lucky enough to have downloaded […] More