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    Streaming Directly Into Your Wallet with Nintendo at E3 2015

    Disclaimer: Everything written in this article is written in the viewpoint of a frothing Nintendo fangirl. This meaning everything is very likely to have a positive spin thrown upon the Nintendo Direct that happened this morning The Nintendo Direct at E3 2015 this morning was definitely… An experience. How else do you explain a company […] More

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    Square Enix and the Nebulous Release Dates

    It would seem that Square Enix (Apparently pronounced “EH-nix”. Who knew?) didn’t shell out for the stadium seating Ubisoft managed to get, which was probably because they couldn’t afford Jason Derulo and didn’t need that big a space as a result. If you’ve come to this breakdown wondering who Square got as their musical guest […] More

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    Ubisoft’s E3 Ubiganza Ft. Jason Derulo

    I’ll admit right now that I’ve never really streamed many E3 conferences, so I’m not quite up to date on how they usually go down. But apparently it’s the most normal thing in the world that Ubisoft’s event was hosted by Aisha Tyler (Host of Whose Line is it Anyway, voice of Lana Kane on […] More

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    Bethesda’s E3 Atom Bomb

    “Atom Bomb” by The Five Stars “We make the games that we want to play,” announced one of Bethesda’s developers in the video that began one of the best showcases E3 has ever experienced. They make the games I want to play, too. Despite numerous rumors and leaks, Bethesda’s first ever E3 showcase was the most exhilarating […] More

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    EA and E3 Hype: It’s In The Games

    Electronic Arts (EA) is a company known for their stunning and action filled video games. As the presenters stated, EA is all about play and innovation from the community. “The world is a better place when we make time to play” “Our shared passion we have for play drives creativity in all our games.” The […] More

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    Will you step or will you leap? Microsoft’s E3 Conference

    The Microsoft E3 Press Conference is historically safe. Of the Big 3, their conference is perhaps the most predictable. Consistent with their teenage boy fantasy marketing, the games announced are usually action-packed AAA titles. You got your FIFAs and Maddens, your multiplayer shooters, your Assassin’s Creeds, your racing sims, and fast-paced action games like Mirror’s […] More

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    There’s something about Splatoon that nobody is talking about but needs to be addressed

    It’s time to address the squid in the room: Nintendo’s new IP features a female lead. She’s a total badass too. Seriously, why is nobody talking about this? Splatoon launched in North America last Friday and the reviews have been nothing short of favorable. In this game, you play as a squid/human hybrid equipped with […] More