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    Super Smash Ballot!

    Once again, with the newest Nintendo Direct comes great news. The previously exclusive company announced they would be bringing Nintendo games to mobile devices, a moment many people have waited a long time for. Taking their already innovative brand to new heights, Nintendo proved that it isn’t afraid to explore different areas of gaming. The […] More

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    Nintendo Takes E3 By Trading Conference for Community at the Nintendo World Championships

    Nintendo announced their E3 plans today with a quirky video confirming the return of their Digital Event which they tried out at last year’s E3. The Digital Event was a souped up version of Nintendo’s beloved Nintendo Direct series that included humorous sketches and developer interviews in favor of President Satoru Iwata speaking clumsy English […] More

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    How Smash 4 Hyped The World

    Note: For those uninterested in my short introduction, click here to access the story I compiled. With the implementation of the new Super Smash Bros. patch, now is an excellent time to recap the story of Smash 4. For those who are not familiar with Smash lingo, to hype is to use anticipation in order […] More