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    VR and Valve: “Half-life” or Actual Life?

    “…the entire universe comes to unfold arbitrarily on your domestic screen (all the useless information that comes to you from the entire world, like a microscopic pornography of the universe, useless, excessive…); all this explodes the scene formerly preserved by the minimal separation of public and private…” -The Ecstasy of Communication, Jean Baudrillard Earlier in […] More

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    Michael’s Mothballs – Starwars Battlefront II

    Let the nostalgia continue. This week’s game to blow off and throw back in the console is: Star Wars Battlefront II (PS2, PSP, Xbox, PC) Battlefront II was released on November 1, 2005 in North America. LucasArts published the game and Pandemic Studios produced the game engine. George Lucas and his team had creative control […] More

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    Rock Band 4: The Silent Encore

    The full moon rises. Eyeliner is applied. Your friend complains that his guitar isn’t syncing. The time has come for the jams to be kicked out once again. Earlier this month Harmonix announced that they are currently working on Rock Band 4, and the question on everyone’s lips is “Why?” preceded nonetheless by “Cool”. According […] More

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    Michael’s Mothballs – Back For More Melee-dy?

    Let’s face it; we all have a shelf of video games for outdated systems. With the Xbox Ones, PlayStation 4s, Wii Us and Hi-Tech Gaming PC’s, it’s extremely difficult to not get sucked into the rush of new games and consoles. Graphics are crisp, open worlds are massive and loading times are getting shorter. However, […] More

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    Nintendo Embraces Mobile After All!

    My how times have changed. Yesterday Nintendo announced a partnership with mobile developing giant DeNA to bring Nintendo IPs to smartphones. Let me say that again. NINTENDO IS MAKING MOBILE GAMES. If you don’t understand why I’m freaking out, then let me share some insight straight from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. More

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    Pixels: A Movie for Gamers and Non-gamers Alike

    Star-studded blockbusters and summer are like peanut butter and jelly (or Nutella and bananas). Every summer, I know that there will be superheroes, action, and adventure at the cinema. We’ve had Guardians of the Galaxy (yay!) and Transformers (boo!), but this summer, Earth gets invaded by Pac-Man. Say what? You heard me! Says “When […] More

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    11bit Studios Thinks of the Children with War Child DLC

    This War of Mine is definitely not a game to be played late at night. Not because it’s outright terrifying, but because eventually it has to be turned off and then usually one goes to sleep replaying the events of their playthrough in their head, thinking about the choices they made and how some people […] More

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    Why Remaking Games Into Movies is A Clumsy Approach

    Every time I see or hear something about the “The Last of Us” or “Uncharted” movies, I get a little bit sad and a little bit angry. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of movies based off of video games. Far from that – if there’s a video game I love, I would love to […] More

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