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    Where in the World is Hideo Kojima Pt. IV: The Indie Awakens

    The strange saga of Hideo Kojima and his now former employer Konami has come to a close: Yesterday the Metal Gear creator tweeted that the day marked the end of his contract with Konami and “a new start” for him and his new independent company Kojima Productions. A Playstation Network video released the same day […] More

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    Nintendo’s Huge Smash Bros. Announcements

    This afternoon, Nintendo announced that Corrin, from Fire Emblem: Fates, and Bayonetta will be the last additions to the Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS character roster. Though Nintendo made no promises, the characters should be available for download in February 2016. While Corrin seems to have drawn a general “fmeh” from American audiences, Bayonetta looks pretty […] More

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    Teen Develops Game to Diagnose Concussions

    According to the CDC, concussions affect an estimated 1.6-3.8 million individuals each year. The rate for athletes –arguably, the most high-risk demographic –is even more staggering: 5-10% will sustain concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries in any given season. Given how devastating such injuries can be in the short and long-term, peace of mind can […] More

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    Show Support for Video Game Charities This Holiday

    The holiday season, as ushered in by Thanksgiving, is marked by gratitude, generosity, and a spirit of goodwill. It’s the time of year that brings out the best in us and which encourages us to give and give back. This Christmas, why not share the love with a community of fellow gamers? Here are just […] More

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    TSG’s Gamer Gift Guide

    The holiday season is upon us. Shops are bustling with people buying stocking stuffers and gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, and other celebratory holidays. Tons of people grabbing for potential gifts and annoyed salespeople can really put a damper on your shopping spirit, but that doesn’t mean that your shopping has to be stressful! Having a […] More

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    The Breaking Point of DLC

    With the release of the newest Star Wars: Battlefront, a lot of gamers (myself included) are upset about the state of DLC in the video game industry.  Most video game publishers expect the player base to be willing to purchase an incomplete game; in the following weeks, they ask players to spend more money on […] More

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    TSG Asks: Will You Still Be A Gamer In 5 Years?

    Take some time to think right now. How much have you changed in this past year? How about the past five years? It may not seem like much time, but five years could mean a lot. Half a decade ago we were still playing the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. In five years, we will […] More

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    Rise of the Reboots

    Rise of the Tomb Raider released earlier this month, and despite the inclusion of some questionable microtransactions, it is otherwise being hailed as one of the greatest games of 2015. But does it really deserve to be called a Tomb Raider game? Before you jump to any conclusions on where I’m going here, let me […] More

  • Greg Miller gives speech at The Game Awards

    Greg Miller delivers inspiring speech at The Game Awards

    During tonight’s Game Awards, Greg Miller of Kinda Funny was presented the viewer-selected Trending Gamer award for his achievements in internet entertainment in the video game community. During his acceptance speech, Miller thanked his family, friends, and colleagues followed by a name most people wouldn’t recognize. The rest, well just see for yourself. I’ve been […] More

  • Promo art for Psychonauts 2

    Psychonauts 2 Announced at The Game Awards

    The sequel of the beloved game Psychonauts from 2005 was announced tonight at The Game Awards. Psychonauts 2 comes from mid-sized studio Double Fine Productions a developer that tends to shy away from sequels. Tim Schafer joked during his announcement that people wouldn’t stop begging him to make Psychonauts 2 followed by sharing an unforeseen […] More

  • Cloud and Aerith

    Every Cloud Has a Bloody Lining?

    If you don’t know by now that Aerith dies in Final Fantasy VII, it’s time to ascend the hard road to adulthood and come to terms with this tragedy. While most of us would like to pretend like it never happened, a peculiar little group in the gaming community would prefer to subject us all […] More

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