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    Out of my League at the World Championship

    The finals for League of Legends World Championship were held last Saturday in Seoul, South Korea at Sangam Stadium. As the week drew closer to the tournament, there were many viewing parties being held all over the world. While I looked through the League of Legends Reddit page, I saw that there was going to […] More

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    Discovering StarCraft 2

    Back in 2011, I really wanted to go to a MLG event to play in the Halo Reach competition. Luckily, there happened to be a tournament that year at the Anaheim Convention Center. I was ecstatic that it was so close to home, so I practiced tirelessly for three months to prepare for this huge […] More

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    IndieCade is the Face of Video Game Innovation

    I went to IndieCade with Marissa exactly a week ago. We arrived at the venue and it surprised me to find that the event was entirely outdoors. One small Los Angeles block housed the 20 or so tents where all the games were. The setup didn’t impress or excite me like the grandeur of GameStop Expo did, […] More

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    Do we really need reviews for Super Smash Bros.?

    Note from the Editor-In-Chief: This is the second part of a series we’re doing at TSG about the overall relevance of critiquing games as it pertains to both their value as a piece of art and value as a form of entertainment. Read our article about Destiny reviews and join the discussion in the comments. […] More