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    “your existence is a problem for me and my religion”

    There’s something to be said for a game that can bring you back and genuinely give the feel of your youth. How often is it in a game you actually feel the desire to talk with your mom or dad on the phone and get uplifting praise? Yeah in Gold/Silver/Crystal there was a need to […] More

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    Your Review of Destiny is Irrelevant and Useless

    Destiny is a weird case. It is a first person shooter MMO, except it’s not really your typical first person shooter or typical MMO either. It is a game that is held back by its refusal to commit fully to either one of these genres and as it stands suffers from its mission variety, shallow character […] More

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    Exploring Broken Age Through the Eyes of a Child

    Yesterday I got to visit my hometown and spend the day with my family. It isn’t much of a vacation as I had a project that I needed to finish. I work furiously on my Macbook while my 9-year old sister Cameron plays flash games on the family laptop right next to me. The game she played […] More

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    Marcus vs GameStop Expo

    I attended the GameStop Expo last Wednesday, the first convention I’ve ever gone to as press. By now you’re probably used to my storytelling style of writing. If you’ve got a few minutes, let me take you on a journey through my day in paradise. The Journey Getting There The morning begins with some bad […] More

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    Destiny Launch

    It feels like a lot of people at my school are closeted gamers. The truth comes out at midnight releases for video games. I’ve always bought my games from GameStop and, these days, straight from a console’s store. I preordered the digital copy of Destiny from GameStop because of all the bonuses that really don’t mean anything. […] More

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    Destiny Makes Shooters and MMOs Accessible

    A couple of months ago I checked my email to find that I was invited to the Destiny Alpha. Then my stomach churned when I input the code and found out that it expired. I beat myself up over it until a friend offered me a Beta code. After waiting all day for the massive […] More

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    Running a website is lots of fun.

    If you’ve been following for a while, then you’ll know that this website began as a summer project. Since then it has blossomed into something I am really fond of. I now manage a small team of four, run the day to day operations of the site, and currently create all the design elements including […] More

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    Anime California Connects with Con Fans

    There’s never a shortage of anime/gaming conventions in Southern California, though typically when you hear something along the lines of “first year” you think “ok, this will be a nice small convention”. I, myself, have been to multiple “first year” cons and although there’s something magical about being able to experience it, you’re often left […] More