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    I Did NOT Give You Consent

    Running around in cosplay at a convention is a fun way to forget the worries of day to day life, though what happens when it becomes uncomfortable for the person in costume? That’s exactly what happens to countless cosplayers at every con. While it’s fun to go to Comic Con, it’s not fun to have […] More

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    Shovel Knight Digs Deep

    Valencia based Yacht Club Games recently announced on their website that their Kickstarter-backed freshman outing into the gaming marketplace has sold a whopping 180,000 copies in just the first month of its release.  This came as much deserved good news for supporters and fans of the critically acclaimed game about a tiny knight in charming […] More

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    Nostalgia and Video Games

    With the new console war underway and technology continually advancing, we are being constantly reminded of our inevitable aging. As we get older we start to miss the simple things in life: ’90s cartoons, unhealthy snacks and, for me at least, the old video games we used to play. However, Nintendo has shed light once […] More

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    First will be The Last of Us

    I picked up The Last of Us Remastered today. I watched IGN’s walkthrough of the game back when the original version released just over a year ago. At the time,  I didn’t have any means of actually playing the game myself. For me, narrative driven games are some of my favorite so watching someone play it […] More

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    Summer Indie Showdown

    The summer months are notorious for a slowdown in major retail releases. Luckily, in recent years indie games have done well to fill in the gaps with a steadier stream of releases during this time. Today I’m going to take a look at three successful indie titles that were featured on consoles during the month […] More