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    V-EVO Las Vegas

    I hug my sister goodbye and walk outside of the Mandalay Bay and into the blistering Saturday heat. I wait for my ride to pick me up. Amidst the sea of taxis, a small red truck with a Hello Kitty figure on the hood pulls up in front of me. If you are a savvy […] More

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    I am proud to announce our semi-official website topshelfgaming.net. It is what we call in the biz a fixer-upper. In all honesty, I spent about 30 minutes editing it so far. I am taking a web design class this fall so I plan on really working on it then once I start learning what I’m […] More

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    A RARE Weekend at EVO

    I’ve spent most of the day watching the EVO Melee livestream. In fact, it just ended. It finally gave me a reason to use the Twitch app on Xbox One. On a side note, it is really refreshing to finally be able to watch streams on my tv instead of my laptop. Anyway, tonight I […] More

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    The Bare Blog Minimum

    This post was adapted from the original Tumblr blog. There has been a lack of written content this week as I focus my attention on the presentation of the blog. This may be a Tumblr blog with a generic theme, but I’m doing all I can to make this  feel like an actual website. I’ve […] More