Over 2,000 players registered for Smash 4 at Evo, breaks record

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, known in the community as Smash 4, reached over 2,000 entrants for this year’s Evolution Championship Series (Evo), a fighting game tournament held in Las Vegas every year. This surpassed last year’s record of around 1900 entrants for Smash 4. This number pales in comparison to the 4000+ entrants that signed up for Street Fighter V, but there numbers are notable for Nintendo’s premier fighting series.

The Smash Bros. community continues to make history at Evo. In 2013, the Smash Community raised over $225,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in order for Super Smash Bros. Melee to secure the final spot as a featured competitive game that year.

Evo continues to be one of my favorite events to go to every year and I love seeing it grow. As a smasher, it is important to me that my fighting game of choice is represented in a positive light. We’ve come a long way in our efforts to be taken seriously as a gaming scene. I hope the community continues to grow and the Evo series continues to recognize the Smash games as a viable competitive game.

[Source: Polygon]

Written by Marcus Garrett

Marcus created Top Shelf Gaming to celebrate the awesome things about the video game industry while challenging the areas of the video game community that could be improved. He loves playing guitar and eating tacos, but never at the same time.

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